Ugadi Lunch Recipes - Sansarpadvo javan

Ugadi Lunch Recipes - Sansarpadvo javan

Seasonal ingredients that make delicious seasonal dishes are cooked for Ugadi in GSB Konkani households.

Some of the usuals are; 

 Tender cashew nut stir fry - Bibbe upakari

Tender cashews, sago, vermicelli payasam - Bibbe godshe 

Seasonal shallow fried vegetable - phodi like breadfruit/jeev kadgi phodi

Mango curry - ambe upakari

Tender raw jackfruit curry - kadgi randayi/gashi 

Tender raw jackfruit spicy side - kadgi chakko

Tender raw jackfruit fritters - kadgi phodi

Deep fried breadfruit - jeev kadgi phodi

Idlis steamed in jackfruit leaves - Khotto

Tomato saaru/dalithoy.

Make anything seasonal like amazing summer salad - avnas ambe sasam or a cooling cucumber/thoushe kusumbri. Or anything seasonal that you like really like a simple gojju or chutney. With mangoes in season maybe ambe gojju. Let me know what's going to be on your menu please, would love to know.

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