Spicy, Tangy Raw Mango (Ambuli Pachadi)

Spicy, Tangy Raw Mango (Ambuli Pachadi)

Ambuli pachadi is a very popular summer salad from costal belt, a spicy, tangy raw mango salad. The tanginess from raw mangoes, spiciness from green chillies, along with asafoetida and coconut oil makes a heavenly combination. This salad is called pachudi in Konkani, pachadi in Kannada. Ambuli pachudi in Konkani. Ambuli refers to raw mango in Konkani, pachudi means salad in Konkani.  

Though this salad isn't served for lunch or dinner, this pachadi is had as an evening snack. A very popular evening snack during summer, during the mango season. Back home mom & aunts got together to make pachadi when we had a family get together or during India-Pak cricket matches or during any such special occasions. Most of the days it was made when anyone of us at home craved for it. It's super quick and easy to make. People of all age groups love this pachadi. However, this salad can be had at any time of the day or as a side dish too.

Raw mangoes that are fully matured but are raw and sour are perfect for preparing this pachadi. Any kind/variety of raw mango will do for preparing this ambuli pachadi. The more sour the raw mangoes, the better it is. The only tricky part is grating the raw mango. You can use a grater to grate the raw mangoes or even finely chop them. Traditionally, raw mangoes are shredded/chopped into tiny bits by hitting it on a sharp knife/sickle. The pieces of raw mango you get are uneven, of different sizes. But that's the beauty of this salad. :) Shredding the raw mangoes that way requires some practise. 

How to make ambuli pachadi, how to shred them the traditional way in this video:



  • 1 medium raw mango
  • Salt to taste
  • 3-4 tablepsoons of oil
  • 2-3 green chillies
  • A pinch of crystal asafoetida

Serves: 1 medium sized mango serves pachudi for 2. Also, depends on how much you like it! I can finish it all by myself. :)

Preparation Time: 7 minutes

Preparation Method:

1. Wash the raw mango well. You can grate it or finely chop the raw mango.

2. Traditionally, raw mangoes are shredded/chopped into tiny bits by hitting it on a sharp knife/sickle called as addoli in Konkani. The pieces of raw mango you get are uneven and are of different sizes. Shredding the raw mangoes that way requires some practise. :) (Called as kochoche in Konkani, kochodu in Kannada). Throw away the raw mango kernel & the fibrous covering around the kernel. 

3. You can use a knife to do it too. Might take a little practise & patience. To do that just hit the raw mango with a knife vertically. Then hit it horizontally such that different sized pieces of raw mango are obtained. Be careful while you do that.

4. Transfer grated/chopped raw mango into a mixing bowl.  

5. Add in nicely smashed/finely chopped green chillies, salt, a pinch of crystal asafoetida dissolved in water, coconut oil to the chopped/grated raw mango in the bowl. Give the contents in the bowl a good mix.

6. Check & adjust salt, asafoetida & spice. That's it, you're done.

7. Serve it as a snack!

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