Green Mango Relish (Ambule Gojju)

Green Mango Relish (Ambule Gojju)

Gojju in konkani means a dish prepared by smashing any vegetable. Gojju's are usually eaten with rice. Raw mango gojju, (called as ambuli gojju in konkani) is tangy, sour, spicy and flavourful. Here are different ways you can make yummy mango gojju:


1 medium raw mango 
2-3 green chillies
5-6 garlic peeled
Salt to taste
2 tablespoons of oil

Serves: 2

Peparation Method:

1. Wash, peel the raw mango. Chop it roughly into pieces.

2. Heat up 1 cup water and add in the chopped mango pieces. Cool closed until they are cooked through and are soft. Or you can even pressure cook the raw mango pieces for 1 whistle using 1 cup water.

3. Once they are cooked through, cool them completely and then transfer them into a bowl.

4. Smash them well with your hands such that there are no lumps. Add smashed green chillies, smashed garlic, salt, coconut oil and mix well.

5. Serve with rice.

If you love coconut oil smell and taste then you'll love this gojju as it has a strong coconut oil taste.

Variations of raw mango gojju:

1. Instead of raw garlic and coconut oil in the raw mango gojju, you can add asafoetida seasoning for a totally different taste: Heat a tablespoon of oil in a tadka pan, add a pinch of asafoetida powder to it, fry for few seconds and add it to the gojju, mix well and serve.

2. Instead of raw garlic and coconut oil in the raw mango gojju, you can add garlic seasoning to the raw mango gojju: Heat a tablespoon of oil in a tadka pan, add smashed 5-6 garlic to it, fry them until they start to brown. Add this seasoning to the gojju and mix well.

So, you can make this simple, tasty, tangy mango gojju in the above mentioned 3 ways. 

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