Mango Pulp/Squash/Crush For Mango Juice

Mango Pulp/Squash/Crush For Mango Juice

I love this mango pulp more than anything in this world. ;-) Trust me it's that delicious. 

Here's a recipe to make amazing mango pulp, that you can store in the fridge for 10-15 days and enjoy delicious, thick mango juice out of it every day. Without using any preservatives, flavourings & additives. You can also prepare delicious aamras out of it, and enjoy it with chapatis & pooris. I just love devouring on this thick, homemade, mango pulp.It's simply delicious and irresistible. A lot better than the usual mango pulp and mango juice you make. 
Have not-so-sweet, sour mangoes at home that need to be used? Then you could make this mango pulp too.

With the onset of summer, it's mango season in India. And that's when my mom gets home lots of mangoes, boils them, prepares a nice, thick pulp (squash) out of these mangoes and stores it in the fridge. At home, we always have guests coming over every day. And my mom always has an instant, thick, awesomely delicious, mango juice ready for them. All she has to do is dilute it a little. It's healthy, homemade, with no preservatives. What more can you ask for?

Every day and every night I keep devouring over this thick, sweet, gooey mango pulp. OMGGGG.... It's delicious!!! You can store it for 10-15 days and keep going NOM NOM over it every day. :-)

You can dilute this mango pulp and drink it as a juice. You can also add a pinch of cardamom powder to this thick mango pulp and eat it with puris and chapatis as aamras. 

And here's the important part. The taste of the pulp depends on the kind of mangoes you use. Use the best of the best mangoes and you'll have a great pulp. Sweet and sour mangoes, Alphonso, Raspuri varieties are best suited for preparing this pulp. However, you can make this pulp with any variety of mango if you can't find Alphonso or Raspuri. If the mangoes are sour you'll need to add more sugar while preparing the pulp. When there are a lot of mangoes at home that isn't very tasty or sweet or are way too sour, then you can prepare this pulp to empty those mangoes. But remember, the taste of this pulp depends on the variety of mangoes you use. Delicious mangoes make delicious mango pulp.


5-6 Mangoes
1 cup of sugar

Mango Pulp: Preparation Method:

1. Heat 4 cups of water and bring it to a boil.

2. Wash the mangoes nicely and add them to the boiling water. Cook closed until the mangoes  just change their skin colour. Remove them off heat. Should take minutes of cooking on high heat.

We just want the mangoes to cook little. That's when their  peel colour changes completely and their peel gets soft.

All the mangoes should dip in the water completely, that way mangoes will cook through uniformly. If not you'll have to change sides periodically, to ensure uniform cooking.

3. Drain out all the water immediately and allow the cooked mangoes to cool down completely.

4. Then peel the skin off the mangoes. Keep the mangoes with their pulp on in one bowl and put together all their peels in another bowl.

5. Squeeze out all the pulp from the mangoes and add the pulp into a blender.

6. Add in sugar to the blender and blend in without using any water to form a thick pulp. Blend until you have a smooth paste.

P.S: Amount of sugar to be added depends on the sweetness/sourness of your mango and also on how sweet you like you would like your mango juice/mango pulp to be. Sour mangoes will need more sugar, sweet mangoes will need less sugar.

8. Transfer ground mango pulp into a dry, moisture free box and store it in the fridge.

9. You can enjoy this mango pulp chilled, any time of the day. 

P.S: Handle this mango pulp with care. :-) Don't let any water get into this pulp. Use a dry spoon to transfer it into a glass, bowl every time you use it. Care must be taken if you want to store it for 10-15 days. Or they tend to get spoilt.

Now you must be thinking what do you do with the mango peels you kept aside. You might as well throw them. But if there's a lot of mango pulp sticking to the peels and they are going waste then you can make a quick manjo juice out of it like this: 

1. Squeeze out all the pulp off the mango peels using your hands, transfer them to the blender.

2. Add 1/2 a cup of water to the mango peels. Squeeze out any remaining mango pulp sticking to the mango peels.

3. Transfer this water along with mango pulp into the blender. Repeat step 2 if there's more mango pulp sticking to the peels.

P.S: As you squeeze the peels of some mangoes, they give out a bitter taste. If the water with the mango pulp tastes bitter then you might as well throw it away and all the mango peels as well. If it's not bitter only then please use it.

4. Add sugar to the blender and blend it into a juice. Add sugar according to your liking, according to how much water, mango pulp you have.

5. Add ice cubes and serve. Or enjoy this juice chilled.

6. If it's too watery, add some concentrated mango pulp you made earlier to it, mix well and enjoy.

Side Note:

1. This juice has to be emptied the day it is made. You can't store it for more than a day. They tend to get spoilt.

2. Please don't mix this juice with your previously made concentrated mango pulp. 

Preparing Mango Juice From The Mango Pulp You Made:

Whenever you want to make mango juice from the mango pulp you made, add about 1/3 glass of mango pulp, add 3/4 glass of water, mix well and enjoy. Add ice cubes or serve chilled.

Dilute the pulp, depending on the consistency you would like to have.

The above steps are mentioned assuming that you have added enough sugar to the mango pulp. If not it'll be a hassle to add sugar each time you make this mango juice. 

The diluted mango juice can be stored for 3-4 days.

Preparing aamras out of this mango pulp:

Add cardamom powder to the prepared, concentrated mango pulp, mix well and enjoy when it is at room temperature or chilled. I love it chilled with hot chapathis and hot puris.

Aamras is made with or without milk. Add milk to the mango pulp along with cardamom powder if you like.

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