Potato Shallow Fry (Batate Phodi)

Potato Shallow Fry (Batate Phodi)

We konkani's love fried food. And as much as we love oily food, we love non-oily food as well. Our ancestors have balanced ways of cooking. Healthy cooking with less oil consumption. Yeah anything that's deep fried are called bajo's. And anything thats shallow fried are called phodi's. 

A variety of vegetables are deep fried and shallow fried with a variety of masala's to make the awesome tasting bajo's and phodi's. Yeah I am proud of our konkani cuisine. Any and every vegetable available on this planet is made use of. Any green thing available and eatable :-) is made use of in konkani cuisine. When we first shifted to a purely kannada speaking region I remember our neighbour making fun of us konkana's saying "You don't leave out anything on this planet, do you? You guys eat everything." She was definately sarcastic but that's what nature provided us with.. variety... abundance.. right? Enough of this.

Back to phodi's. Phodis are prepared by shallow frying veggies with rava, red chilli powder and salt. Some use normal sooji rava or chiroti rava or even rice flour instead of rava for frying. My hubby's granny prepares a better tasting spicy powder with rice which makes any phodi even more awesome.

Vegetables you can use to make phodi's the normal way or with the awesome spicy powder.

Sweet potato
Rigde Gourd (Ghosale)
Chayote Squash (Seeme Badane)
Eggplant (Brinjal)
Indian Gourd (Phagil)
Bitter Gourd
Elephant foot yam (Surna)
Colocasia tubers (Maddi)

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