Horse Gram, Mangalore Cucumber And Drumstick Curry With Garlic Seasoning (Kulta Magge Kodel)

Horse Gram, Mangalore Cucumber And Drumstick Curry With Garlic Seasoning (Kulta Magge Kodel)

A delicious coconut based curry with heavenly garlic seasoning is called 'kodel' in Konkani. Here's one such delicious curry's recipe. 

Field marrow (also called as Mangalore cucumber or Madras cucumber) tastes great with pulses like cowpeas and horsegram. They are a match made in heaven. And they are even more tasty when are used in delicious curries like this one.

Traditionally, horse gram is paired with field marrow in this curry. Drumsticks are added for extra flavour and taste. Serve this curry hot with your bowl of steaming hot rice for lunch or dinner and enjoy!

You can call this curry magge kodel, kulitha kodel or kulitha magge kodel. Kulithu refers to horse gram and magge refers to field marrow in Konkani. 


1 cup horsegram
1 mangalore cucumber
2 drum sticks
1 cup coconut
6 dried red chillies
1 tablespoon tamarind
2 tablespoons of oil
10-12 garlic cloves
Salt to taste

Serves: 4

Preparation Time: 40 minutes

Preparation Method:

Preparing the masala:

Fry dried red chillies first on medium flame.

If you like your chillies with seeds removed then deseed them by breaking them into pieces and tapping out their seeds. If your ok with the seeds in then fry the whole red chillies. 

I usually dry roast the red chillies. My mom adds few drops of oil to aid the process. So both ways work fine.

Fry until you start getting the aroma of the red chillies. Put off flame and set aside to cool.

Once the chillies are cooled, grind together coconut, tamarind, salt and red chillies to a very smooth paste, adding just sufficient water to form a smooth paste.

Keep the masala aside. 

Cook horse gram with enough water in a pressure cooker until its completely cooked and transfer it into a cooking vessel.

Meanwhile peel, deseed, chop mangalore cucumber(magge) into cubes.

Check if the magge is bitter. The mangalore cucumber sometimes turn out to be bitter. So when you remove the seeds, remove the part to which the seeds attach completely. When the cucumber's cooked taste again for bitterness.

Boil the chopped cucumber in water with salt.

Wash and chop the drumsticks into  pieces of 2-3 inch.

When the mangalore cucumber is almost boiled, add drumstick pieces and cook.

When the mangalore cucumber's done, drain the water and add the cooked cucumber and drumstick into horse gram stock with horse gram.

Add the masala, salt to the cooking vessel and bring to boil.

Simmer for few minutes and put off flame.

Season it with garlic fried in lots of oil until they brown.

Serve hot with rice.

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