'Vade tandul duvche' ceremony lunch from a GSB Konkani home

'Vade tandul duvche' ceremony lunch from a GSB Konkani home

What you see on the banana leaf from left clockwise:

1. Rice vada dough balls that I loveee to eat which otherwise isn't served for lunch. Tandla vode peet  in Konkani.

2. Crunchy rice vadas - tandla vodo.

3. Spicy yam pickle of sorts - surna koot.

4. Beans potato stir fry - batate beans upakari.

5. A Brahmin special uddina hittina gojju - a urad dal flour, yoghurt gojju. Udha gojju in Konkani. Spicy, tangy, flavourful.

6. Chinese potatoes cowpeas coconut curry - Kooka randayi with bagdo. 

7. Ash gourd fritters in coconut curry - vodi gashi in Konkani. A customary dish for the ceremony.

8. Raw jackfruit kebab - kadgi phodi/bajo.

9. Rice and tomato saaru. 

10. Mysore paak.

11. Saat - a sweet.

12. Dry fruits laddoo.

13. A sweet - phenori.

14. Chanedali payasu - chana dal payasa/dessert.

15. Buttermilk 

16. Yoghurt

17. Water

Pathrado - colocasia leaves pinwheels got over. 

Vade tandul duvche ceremony:

A few days before any GSB Konkani wedding rice vadas are made as part of wedding rituals. The day they make these vadas (tandla vado) is called vade tandul duvche in Konkani. It means washing the rice for making these vadas. On 'vade thandul duvche divas’, that particular day before the wedding, the bride/groom and all the ladies of the family gather around to wash the rice grains for making these vadas. And then make the vadas together. 

Tandla vodo:

The rice grains are washed, then ground into a fine powder along with urad dal and are made into a dough using water. The dough is then flattened and deep fried to make yummy, crunchy vadas. That’s how these rice vadas are traditionally made.

To save you some effort and time you can also use store bought rice flour, urad dal powder and make these vadas. However, the taste does differ a little, still tastes amazing.  For quick, easy recipe to save time and effort 🥳 and the traditional recipe click here

You can also make these savoury vadas interesting by coarsely grinding green chillies, curry leaves and add them while kneading the dough. They give a nice flavour and taste. You can use red chillies, chilli powder too instead of green chillies.🤩😍😘😋😋 You'll find lots of tips to help you make them here

In earlier days they made these vadas to serve guests who arrived early before the wedding. But these days it's just a tradition that's followed to get together and make merry. And to enjoy some delicious crunchy rice vadas. In some parts of Karnataka people love these crunchy vadas with sweet payasa. And so the famous vade-payasu combo. Any payasu like rulava payasu (rava payasa), madgane (chana dal payasa) is usually made to eat vade payasu. Delicious payasu with crunchy vadas. 😋😋

Now if you are craving for some go make some this weekend to satiate your craving. 😃🤗