Shallow Fried Leftover Pathrado (Pathrade Fry)

Shallow Fried Leftover Pathrado (Pathrade Fry)

Konkani’s love for pathrado is undescribable. Pathrado is the King of Konkani cuisine. Pathrado are spicy colocasia leaves pinwheels made using a spicy rice batter. 

Luscious colocasia plants (alva paan in Konkani) drives the foodies in Konkanis crazy. We have to make some delectable pathrado out of colocasia leaves and enjoy them steaming hot with loads of oil on top. :-) And with the love for pathrado that we Konkanis have, we definitely don’t waste any leftovers. Leftover pathrode are turned into lip smacking dishes again. :-) We shallow fry pathrode slices with oil to make them crispy and enjoy them hot. We also add leftover pathrode into a spicy coconut curry and enjoy it with rice. This curry is called pathrode gashi in Konkani. We use leftover pathrode to make a tasty, spicy, sweet pathrode stir fry called as pathrode usli.

Leftover pathrado gets a little hard once it cools down and even more hard the next day. Leftover pathrado gets tasteless & hard once it's refrigerated. These leftover pathrado are shallow fried with oil on a frying pan, to get them back into life and to make them soft. Tasteless, leftover pathrado then tastes great. 

If your pathrode is soft, they tend to break down into pieces while shallow frying them. They also don't crisp up easily, unlike hard, a day old or refrigerated pathrode does.

You can shallow fry pathrado until they are nice and crispy or keep them soft.


  • 4 leftover steamed pathrado
  • 4 tablespoons of oil

Serves: 2

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Preparation Method:

1. Heat up a frying pan.

2. Meanwhile, slice each pathrado into 2 slices, if they are thick in size. Thin slices ensure that they fry up uniformly & they get crispy easily.

3. Place the pathrado slices on the preheated frying pan, drizzle oil on top of each slice uniformly.

4. Fry them on medium to high heat until they fry on one side.

5. Flip them over and fry them on the other side, until the refrigerated or a day old, hard pathrado gets soft.

If you like them crispy, then fry them until they are crisp on both sides. 

6. Enjoy them hot as a side dish for lunch, dinner.

Side Note:

1. To make pathrode fry, you'll need a day's old pathrado. That's when they are a little hard and are perfect to be shallow fried. Or else they tend to break down into pieces.

2. You can shallow fry pathrado after a few hours of steaming them, provided they aren't too soft. If they are too soft, they don't get crispy. They also breakdown into pieces while shallow frying them. If your pathrado is soft, refrigerate them (they get hard) and then shallow fry them. 

3. If you're using refrigerated pathrado, thaw them (keep them out for 20-30 minutes) and then shallow fry them. Or else they take much longer to get fried, crispy.

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