Sattu Ladoo Recipe & Variations For Yumminess (Hurigadale Pitta Undo)

Sattu Ladoo Recipe & Variations For Yumminess (Hurigadale Pitta Undo)

Simplest, quickest, easiest, no cooking involved, ladoos you can make for the times when sweet craving strikes. If you haven't made ladoos before then these are the ones you can make super duper easily. They're amazingly healthy, you can even make them extra nutritious for your little ones, loved ones too. 

Don't worry about you not knowing how to make ladoos, you'll be able to make these like a pro, they're that easy to make. And you'll enjoy making and eating them too. 

This recipe doesn't involve cooking, how awesome is that! You can make 10 ladoos in 5-6 minutes.

These ladoos are made using sattu flour that is fried bengal gram powder, hurigadle dali pitti in Konkani. If you find sattu flour that's made using multiple grains that's all the more better, if not use multi grain, multi millet powders in small proportions.


  • 1 cup sattu flour
  • 3/4 cup jaggery powder
  • 3/4 - 1 cup ghee

Cooking time: 0 - No cooking

Makes: 10-15 ladoos depending the size

Time taken: 10 minutes

Preparation Method:

1. Heat ghee a little if needed to melt it.

2. Add sattu flour in a bowl, add jaggery powder, and mix well using your fingers. 

3. Check and adjust the amount of jaggery according to your liking.

4. Add in ghee and mix well using your fingers for 30 seconds. 

5. Take a tiny amount of mixture in your hands and make a ladoo.

6. As you make the ladoo using your fingers if you get a smooth ladoo, as ghee gels well with the flour, the amount of ghee you've added is perfect.

7. If not, you can choose to add a little more ghee to get smooth ladoos, mix well and make ladoos.

Note: The amount of ghee you add is your choice. I like to add lots of it so that it gels well with jaggery power & flour & gives you smooth ladoos. You can choose to add little less.

Ways to make it more yummmy:

1. These ladoos are ideally made by straining jaggery powder, you then get smooooth ladoos, but stick to your mouth a little, due to the flour. Adding jaggery without straining gives you ladoos that don't stick to your mouth, giving you a nice crunch with every bite of ladoo, crunch from tiny pieces of jaggery in the jaggery powder.

2. If your jaggery doesn't get strained due to its size, powder it in a mixer, then strain it using a strainer to get fine jaggery powder. You then get super smooth ladoos.

3. Add cardamom powder to the ladoo mixture for added taste & yummm flavour.

To make cardamom powder simply take cardamom, peel them, grind them with, without sugar in your tiniest mixie jar. Sugar helps them powder if you're using a bigger mixie jar.

4.. Add cashew, raisins fried in ghee for added taste.

To add them first heat ghee in a tempering pan, add in tiny pieces of cashews, fry them until they almost start to brown. Add in raisins, fry for 30 seconds, remove off heat. Add them to the ladoo mixture, mix & make ladoos.

5. Use khansari sugar or brown sugar as-is or powdered in a mixer for a different taste.

Ways to make these ladoos more nutritious:

1. Use finger millet powder - ragi, use 1/4 cup, 3/4 cup sattu powder.

2. Use multi millet or multi grain powder, 1/4 cup.

3. I mix in 1/3 of all powders together too when I make these ladoos for my little one.

Plain sattu ladoos:

With multi millet/multi grain + little finger millet powder

Kiddos flat shaped ladoos, he has fun making these. Plain sattu ladoo mix + cardamom powder for flavour.

Ones with raisins, cashews in there too. They're are my favourite.

Recent favourite:

I make these with peanut butter or choclate peanut butter + sattu powder -> mix + sugar -> mix + ghee -> mix, make ladoos = tastes great.

Kiddo loves them made with choclate peanut butter.

Recipe dedicated to my dear friend Shikha, who introduced me to these ladoos.

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