Ganesh Chathurthi cooking in GSB Konkani households/Chauthi cooking

Ganesh Chathurthi cooking in GSB Konkani households/Chauthi cooking

Ganesh Chathurthi cooking in GSB Konkani households.

Things that are usually cooked as part of Chauthi spread are mentioned below, a few items are different in many households, majority remain the same. 

Find recipes as you click on the name of the items listed below or fine them all here.

1. Patholi

2. Godshe - Usually, Madgane.

3. Chane pitta undo

4. Chakuli

5. Kheeri 

6. Gajbaj ambat 

7. Thoushe sasam

8. Khotto/Hittu

9. Chutney for khotto - Hinga chutney

10. Pathrado

11. Chane Gashi

12. Phodis

13. Undlakal

14. Upakari/sukke - plenty of recipes on Konkani Food Recipes

15. Panchakajjaya 3 ways - chane pitta panchakajaya, chane panchakajaya, laya pitta panchakajaya.

Chickpea panchakajjaya (Chanedali panchakajjaya)

Chickpea Flour Panchakajjaya (Chanedali pitti panchakajjaya)

Broken Puffed Paddy Panchakajjaya (layapitta panchakajjayya)

16. Tile undo

17. Karathe ambade gashi

18. Moddak

19. Phova payasu, kanga payasu.

There are many ways panchakkajayas, undos, undlakal, modak and practically any dish is made in many ways. 

I'll try and share as many variations as possible in the recipes to help you with the recipe that could have been followed in your house.