Ganesh Chathurthi cooking in GSB Konkani households/Chauthi cooking

Ganesh Chathurthi cooking in GSB Konkani households/Chauthi cooking

Ganesh Chathurthi cooking in GSB Konkani households.

As I looked at feasts prepared across GSB homes for Chauthi for Lord Ganapthi, here's what I obersved, chickpeas is said to be Ganapthi's favourite so a lot of dishes from chickpeas is made for Lord Ganesha - ladoo (undo), curry (chane gashi), prasad (chane panchakkajaya), dessert (chanedali payasu).

Apart from these feast for Ganesha includes dishes made from seasonal ingredients & veggies. Like kheeri, a flavourful rice dish made using turmeric leaves that are in season.  All seasonal veggies, a little of every vegetable that grows right now is put together into a delicious coconut curry to make gajbaj ambat. This curry is served with kheeri as a side, along with thoushe sasam - cucumbers in a spicy coconut chutney - a salad of sorts.

Phodis are made using all veggies in season - colocasia tubers (maddi), kantola (phagil), bread fruit (jeev kadgi), pointed gourd (goint), raw bananas (kele), sweet potato (kanang), bitter gourds (karathe), potatoes (batato) & brinjals (gull). They are usually deep fried with a spicy batter, in some homes like mine they are shallow fried 3 different ways - plain salted or spiced with semolina or rice flour.

Patholi - a dessert of-sorts is made using in-season turmeric leaves, pathrado - a colocasia dish made from wildly growing colocasia leaves all around home.

Khotto - idli steamed in jackfruit leaves is usually served with ginger chutney - alle tambali.

A savoury rice dumpling is made for Ganapathi - undlakal & he's served a chickpea curry (chane gashi), a payasu (dessert) usually a chickpea dal one & panchakkajjayas made from chickpea dal (chane panchakkajaya), ladoo from chickpeas (chane undo).

In some homes they also have a practice of making a bitter gourd dish - a curry - (karathe ambade gashi) with sugarcanes or a spicy bitter gourd side (karathe sukke) or fried bitter gourds (karathe phodi by deep frying them in a spicy batter). I'm guessing it's to balance out the sugar load on the body.

Some homes make sweet dumplings with wheat (appo), modak (with rice) & few dishes to eat rice with like rasam (saaru) , stir fries (upakaris), sukke (spicy sides). All in all a feast for Lord Ganesh who's welcomed into our homes. - Navya.

Watch making of all recipes here:


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Things that are usually cooked as part of Chauthi spread are mentioned below, a few items made as part of spread are different in different households, majority dishes made remain the same. 

Find recipes as you click on the name of the items listed below or find them all here.

1. Patholi


2. Godshe - Usually, Madgane - chanedali payasu.

3. Chane pitta undo

4. Chakuli

5. Kheeri


6. Gajbaj ambat 

7. Thoushe sasam

8. Khotto/Hittu

How to weave khotto:


9. Chutney for khotto - Hinga chutney or alle tambali.

10. Pathrado

11. Chane Gashi

12. Phodis

13. Undlakal

14. Upakari/sukke - plenty of recipes on Konkani Food Recipes

15. Panchakajjaya - chane pitta panchakajaya, chane panchakajaya, laya pitta panchakajaya.

Chickpea panchakajjaya (Chanedali panchakajjaya)

16. Chickpea Flour Panchakajjaya (Chanedali pitti panchakajjaya)

17. Broken Puffed Paddy Panchakajjaya (layapitta panchakajjayya)


18. Tile undo

19. Karathe ambade gashi


20. Moddak

21. Kanga payasu - sweet potato payasu

22. Appo

23. Karathe phodi - deep fried

24. Kanga phodi - deep fried, shallow fried with semolina/rice flour

25. Maddi Phodi - deep fried, shallow fried

26. Phagla phodi - deep fried, shallow fried

27. Gulla phodi - deep fried, shallow fried with semolina/rice flour

28. Jeev kadgi phodi - deep fried, shallow fried

29. Kele phodi - a few ways

30. Chane usli

31. Phova Panchakkajaya

There are many ways panchakkajayas, undos, undlakal, modak and practically any dish is made in many ways. 

I'll try and share as many variations as possible in the recipes to help you with the recipe that could have been followed in your house.