Coconut burfi (Soyi Khadi)

Coconut burfi (Soyi Khadi)

Soyi means coconut and khadi means barfi in konkani. Soyi khadi is a sweet, barfi prepared with coconut. Either jaggery or sugar is used for sweetening. Usually these barfis are hard. My mom's barfis have a nice thin crust and a goey inside, which make it a pleasure to eat. 

My mom adds cashews that add richness and taste to the coconut barfi. My aunt uses almonds which make these coconut barfi even more delicious. Here's my mom's recipe for delicious soyi khadi.


2 cups of grated coconut 
3/4 cup milk
1/2 cup cashews
1 cup sugar
1 tea spoon elachi powder
2-3 tablespoond of ghee

Serves: 2

Preparation Method:

Grind grated coconut and cashews into a fine powder without using water. 

Transfer them into a cooking pan preferably a non stick cooking pan.

Add sugar, milk and mix. Start cooking on a low flame.

The amount of sugar you add should be almost equal to the amount of ground coconut.

Stir at frequent intervals as it might start sticking to the bottom and get burnt.

Cook until all the moisture content has dried up and its become a dry, sticky mixture. When you touch it with your fingers it should stick to your fingers. If it isn't sticky enough it doesn't set into a barfi.

At this moment add ghee, elachi powder and mix well. Remove off heat.

Grease a plate or a mould with ghee and pour the coconut barfi mixture into it and allow it to cool.

As it cools the barfi will set. Once its half cooled cut it into desired shapes.

Store in a air tight container once it has cooled completely. Remains good for a week.

P.S: The more time you allow it to cook on the pan, the harder they get. If you need a gooey inside then remove off heat once you get panck. (ie, sticks to your fingers)

And remember to consume it within 3 days. They tend to get harder as days go by. (ie, the gooey inside disappears) And you can not store these coconut barfis for more than a week. 

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