About Me

About Me


That's me Navya, the one behind Konkanifoodrecipes.com. I click, write and share everything that you see here on my website. I'm always dreaming & planning what to cook and eat next. And I usually have a menu planned for the next 3 weeks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea time. 

I'm from 2 small coastal towns 20kms away from Udupi. I spent my childhood in Saligram with my big family of 30 under one roof & my teenage years in a nearby town Kota. All the pics you see on this website are from our backyards. There's usually a variety of veggie growing in the backyard, beautiful trellises, coconut trees, arecanut trees, banana plants, mango trees, jackfruit trees, bilimbi plants, lots & lots of colocasia plants, tora plants, many many herbs like centella, vitamin plants, gale of the wind & much more growing wild all the time on their own.

My love for food came from my family. My mom & aunties were always cooking up a storm in the kitchen & we kids & elders paid a visit very very frequently to check upon what was cooking. That way whatever was cooked would vanish within seconds. We snacked on steaming hot curries, sides made for a meal, pretty much anything & everything together. We all always gathered up where the food was. Food was our middle ground, our common love. Poor mom, aunties, grannies had to cook something again for ones who arrived late or for meals. My dad & I have always been serious food critics & would be the best had we taken it up as a profession. 

I've always loved food, ate any time of the day, woke up at midnight just to gobble up some sweets left on the table. But I hardly knew I loved to cook until I entered the kitchen to cook after marriage. After umpteen disasters one after the other I finally got a hold on cooking. Disasters in the kitchen happen now too but I thoroughly enjoy the process. What I missed back then & what was responsible for the disasters was lack of measurements, clear instructions & procedure. My mom is a phenomenal cook but a terrible teacher to novice cooks like me. About 11 years ago one day my hubby came up with this simple website for me & I started documenting Konkani cuisine recipes to help novice cooks like me, to help them prevent those disasters in the kitchen. I've fell in love with the whole process. Hobby turned into passion & when you love something you do more of it right? 

So my purpose is to hold onto age-old cooking, traditional recipes that are fading away but are perfectly balanced, in-sync with seasons, helps us cook hearty but healthy food. 

Another frequent question I get asked is how do I get hold of age old legacy dishes that have been long forgotten. Well, when you look for something you want in life you definitely find it. Agree?  

So thank you for being a huge support and for all the love on this journey of mine with GSB Konkani cuisine. 

Now that you know me please do leave a comment with your name & where you are from so that I can Hi & we can take it from there. 

Lots of gratitude & much love.