Tips to use a wet grinder

Tips to use a wet grinder

If you have been intimidated by using a grinder then this post is for you.

Try, just try ok. You’ll get the hang of it.

3 reasons why you should use it.

  • Carefree breakfast for few days.
  • Fluffy-est idlis & dosas for few days.
  • The texture is unbeatable.

- A tilting grinder helps to pour batter out if don’t have the fancy grinder with the outlet hole.

- ⁠If your grinder doesn’t tilt, get the stone out onto a plate and pour batter into a vessel.

- ⁠Remove everything around in the drum, around the grinding stones using your fingers if you wish. NO laddle inside the grinder please.

My story, hoping it inspires you to use a wet grinder:

15 year old me - I want to learn to cook.

Amma - first peet kadche sika - Learn to get the batter out of grinder first.

I was intimidated by the whole process.

She didn’t know there would be easy peasy devices that would be invented in the coming years & that it wouldn’t be a necessary skill. But that one comment sat with me, I resisted buying a grinder. After 2 years of pestering me, Amma herself bought one for me. It didnt tilt as I wanted a compact one. Yeah, you can imagine the resistance to use it & then the haggles I went through to get the batter out. 

Until one day I said I’ll try Amma’s style of getting batter out & I had batter flying all around the kitchen. Then, I practiced her way with the grinder off. I succeeded. By then I bought a grinder that tilted but getting the batter out neatly while the grinder was on was a challenge I wanted to succeed. And imagine the happiness I felt when I mastered it without having batter flying all around.

So practice is what it takes like every other skill. You can do it, don’t be intimidated ok.

If you can invest a little more, save yourself all this hassle, buy a great mixer-grinder instead of a wet grinder.

I listen to podcasts that I love listening to & enjoy this me time I get to spend in my kitchen after kiddo dozes.

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