Shallow Fried Pickled Bamboos (Kirla Fry)

Shallow Fried Pickled Bamboos (Kirla Fry)

Pickled bamboo shoots are smashed really well and are then shallow fried in oil until they are crisp. These crispy, shallow fried bamboo shoots are served as side dish for lunch. You can enjoy them as-is or with curd rice. Try it. I’m sure you’ll love it.

All you need to make crispy pickled bamboo shoots is oil and a little patience to fry the pickled bamboo shoots until they get crisp. That’s it. And you’ll have a lovely side dish for lunch.

You’ll find how to pickle fresh bamboo shoots here. Once you have pickled bamboo shoots you can make this dish, kirla fry like mentioned below. (kirlu means bamboo shoots in Konkani). 


  1. The bamboo shoots you use for making this dish should be very well pickled. Bamboo shoots that are just pickled or have been pickled for 1-6 months aren’t best suited for making this dish. Bamboo shoots that have pickled for more than 6 months and that well pickled are the ones you should use to make this dish.
  2. Also, you’ll need 4-5 pieces of pickled bamboo shoots for one as they get very little on shallow frying. The quantity reduces considerably, so use large numbers of pickled bamboo shoots to make this dish. 


  • 6-8 pieces of pickled bamboo shoots depending on their size
  • Upto 1 cup oil for frying

Serves: 2

Preparation Time: 1 - 1.15 minutes

Preparation Method:

1. Take pickled bamboo shoots out of the brine. If the bamboo shoots have been pickled for long and are way too salty then they’ll need a minimum 3-4 hours of soaking in different sets of water, so that they give out the excess salt in them. 

If your bamboo shoots have been pickled for 6 months - 1 year and aren’t very salty then they could do with 1-2 hours of soaking in water. 

Time of soaking for the pickled bamboo shoots in water totally depends on how salty they are. Change the water in which you soak the pickled bamboo shoots every 30 minutes.

2. Remove the pickled bamboo shoots out of water after they have been soaked for the right amount of time and smash them well using a meat pounder or a pestle. 

Smash them well until they turn flat and disintegrate. In case you pound the pickled bamboo shoots less then you’ll have to fry longer to make the pickled bamboo shoots crispy and if its even more thick then you’ll end up having soggy, soft bamboo shoots instead of crispy shallow fried bamboo shoots.

3. Transfer all the smashed pickled bamboo shoots into a non stick pan, add in oil as required and fry them on medium flame until they get crisp. 

Saute them every once in a while to ensure uniform frying.

If you fry them less you’ll have soggy, soft pickled bamboo shoots instead of crispy, shallow fried bamboo shoots.

If you fry them on a high flame, the thin strands of pickled bamboo could start to get burnt and the few thick strands of pickled bamboo shoots that may be present, will not fry and get crispy. So, fry them on a medium to low flame. You’ll need little patience. :-)

4. As the bamboo shoots get fried, if you have added excess oil, its all given out by the frying bamboo shoots. Drain all that oil into a bowl, your bamboo shoots doesn’t need that oil any more for frying.

5. Once the bamboo shoots are nicely fried and are golden brown, remove them off heat. 

Serving suggestions:

Once the fried bamboo shoots cool down a little they get even more crunchy and crispy if you have fried them well. 

  1. Serve these crispy bamboo shoots as a side dish with steaming hot rice and dalithoy.
  2. Serve the crispy, shallow fried, pickled bamboo shoots as a side dish with curd rice.
  3. Or enjoy them as is. :-)

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