Pumpkin Leaves Patra/Pinwheels (Dudde Panna Pathrado Recipe)

Pumpkin Leaves Patra/Pinwheels (Dudde Panna Pathrado Recipe)

These turn out so so so so very soft on cooking, deep frying in oil. Tastes so great.



  • Urad dal - 1/2 cup
  • Rice 1 cup any short grained rice
  • Tamarind half a lemon sized
  • Red chillies 5-6 as spicy as you want
  • Salt for taste
  • Crystal asafoetida half a chickpea sized

Preparation Method:

1. Soak rice for minium of 30 minutes. Wash, drain all water.

2. Fry urad dal until it starts to brown. Saute for uniform heating.

Frying them adds a nice flavour to the pathrados. You can alternatively soak them too.

3. Soak crystal asafoetida in little water.

4. Grind rice, fried urad dal, crystal asafoetida, salt, red chillies (don't fry) into a thick paste of smooth consistency.

Use only as much water as needed to make a paste. We don't want masala to be watery, it'll absorb oil on deep frying or the roll won't hold together.

5. Transfer into a bowl.

6. Wash, drain water from pumpkin leaves.

7. Apply masala on leaves like in the video above, roll, chop into slices.

8. Roll in rice flour & deep fry in oil on medium heat.

Alternatively, steam in a steamer or shallow fry on pan with oil for sijel & bhajil pathrado respectively.