Masala Corn

Masala Corn

We Indians love chaats sold on the street. One street food you'll find everywhere in bangalore is corn masala. Small stalls sell sweet corn in different ways like butter corn, masala corn. These vendors provide you with very little corn for the money you pay them. This makes me want to prepare masala corn at home and eat lots of it. My mom prepares this very often and is a favourite in our house. We like this version the most:


2 cups fresh or frozen sweet corn 
1 tea spoon butter
1/4 tea spoon pepper or chilli powder  
1/4 tea spoon chaat masala
1 tbl spoon (or as needed) lemon juice or 1/2 tea spoon amchoor powder


Cook the corn in a little water (or steam it). Cook till corn is done and drain all the water.

Add butter to the corn. Add salt, chilli powder, chaat masala, amchoor powder or lemon juice and mix well. 

Serve hot.

Serves : 2

Preparation time : 15-20mins

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