High Energy Smoothie

High Energy Smoothie

This high energy smoothie is best for a healthy breakfast. Fruits and dry fruits like cashew, almonds, dates are high in energy.


½ cup sesame seeds
8-10 almond (skin removed by soaking in water overnight)
1/4 cup black raisins 
1 cup pomegranate kernels 
1 apple roughly chopped
1 Orange segments
1-2 table spoons of honey
1 Carrot roughly chopped (optional)
1 Beetroot roughly chopped (optional)
½ cup soya nuts (optional)
4-5 ice cubes
1 cup oats soaked in milk
½ cup milk
½ cup youghurt

Preparation Method:

Blend all the ingredients in a blender and bring it to smoothie consistency. Serve it chilled.

Serving suggestion: Serve in goblet glass

Garnishing suggestions: Garnish with slices of almond on top with pomegranate seeds, orange segments, a mint leaf. 

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