Batato Tomato Gojju (Boiled tomatoes and potatoes with delicious seasoning)

Batato Tomato Gojju (Boiled tomatoes and potatoes with delicious seasoning)

A very simple yet very tasty side dish normally eaten with rice. Usually prepared when you have to prepare a quick lunch and dinner. My granny's or my mom's creation, I'm not sure. Anyways, we love eating it with rice. The seasoning adds taste and loads of flavour to the gojju. The seasoning is what makes it scrumptous.

Perfect for a busy weekday when you need to make a quick dinner.


2 potatoes
2 tomatoes
4 green chillies
2 red chillies 
1 table spoon oil
1 leaflet of curry leaves
1/2 tea spoon mustard
2 table spoons of freshly chopped coriander
Salt to taste

Preparation Method:

Boil and peel the tomatoes and potatoes. Boil green chillies along with them. Smash the potatoes into tiny pieces and smash the tomatoes very well with hand in a vessel. Smash the green chillies a little and add salt. Add water according to the consistency you desire. It is normally thick and not too watery. Season with oil, red chillies, curry leaves and mustard. Add chopped coriander and mix. Serve with rice.

P.S: Does not make any difference if the tomatoes and potatoes are hot or cold. It tastes good either ways.

Prep time: 5 mins

Cooking time: 15 mins

Ready in: 35 mins

Serves: 3

Tags: Vegetarian, spicy, lunch, sides, dinner, Konkani food, easy to prepare, less time to prepare