Sun Dried, Rice Based Onion Fritters (Piyava Vodi)

Sun Dried, Rice Based Onion Fritters (Piyava Vodi)

Vodi's are rice based, sun dried items that are deep fried to make crispy, crunchy fritters. Vodi's are Konkani cuisine's favourite fries and are a must to make a Konkani meal complete. Vadi/vodi/oodi/odi are had as a side dish for lunch/dinner. A handful of these fryums with a bowl of steaming hot conjee/rice is comfort food for many Konkanis. A bowl of steaming hot rice with daat dalithoy (Konkani style dal) and these fryums are part of daily lunch/dinner in most Konkani homes.

These fritters are generally made in the month of February to May, during the summer. Come Febrauary-March, the scorching sun and heat is unbearable in coastal Karnataka. That's the time when my mom, aunties and granny used to gather up and set out to our terraces and backyards to make a type of fritters(vodis) and papad everyday. My mother still makes huge batches of vadis and papad, then stores it for the year longs use and also distributes it to our relatives. 

These fritters are usually rice or split black gram (urad dal) based. Spice and few other ingredients are added to the rice/urad dal based batter to make a particular type of crispies/fryum.

These fritters need sun drying for a minimum of 5-7 days. Traditionally these fritters are sun dried on mats made by weaving coconut tree leaves together. But you can also use big sheets of plastic for sun drying these fritters and use weights on the sides to prevent the plastic from flying.

This post here is about piyava vadis or onion fritters made of rice. In Konkani, piyavu means onion, vodi/vadi/odi/oodi means fritters. These rice based fritters become super crispy, crunchy and light when are deep fried or are microwaved. Loads of onion are added to the spicy rice batter to make these fritters. Onions give a very nice flavor and aroma to these fritters when are deep fried. These vodis are pretty easy to make and dry up very fast under hot sun. Just in case you don't have enough space to sun dry them, look for microwave tips below, at the bottom of this post. These fritters are called as erulli sandige in Kannada. 

Nowadays only few people make these vodis at home. Time, space for drying are a constraint. Give these fritters a try, make a small batch with the measurements mentioned below and I am sure your effort will be worth it! If you love them (I'm sure you will), then scale up next time. :)

Here's another reason for you to give these a try. The cooked, steaming hot, fritter batter with onions in it, is absolutely a pleasure to eat with loads of coconut oil on top. We eat a bowlful of this steaming hot, spicy rice batter as soon as it is prepared. And also the next morning after overnight resting, once the batter's thick, enjoy it with loads of coconut oil on top. And half dried fritters (sun dried for 1-3 days) are such a pleasure to eat! Try it on and then you'll know what I'm talking about. :)


  • 2 cups of dosa rice (short grained rice)
  • 3/4 cup finely chopped onion
  • 4 tablespoons of red chilli powder or 12-15 dried red chillies
  • Salt to taste

For Drying: You will require big sheets of plastic and weights on the sides to prevent the plastic from flying.

Serves: 10-12 servings

Preparation Method:

Preparing the batter:

P.S: Prepare batter for making these fritters on the previous night of the day you intend to make these fritters.

1. Soak rice for an hour (minimum of 30 minutes). Wash the rice grains with your hand and then drain all the water completely. 

2. Grind soaked rice along with dried red chillies/red chilli powder and salt, into a smooth paste using enough water. The ground batter has to be of watery consistency. That'll help us cook the batter through.

P.S: Be careful not to add more salt. It is better to add little less salt than actually required to the batter. These fritters shrink to half the size on sun drying and otherwise turn out to be salty on deep frying them. So, add little less salt than normal.

3. Transfer the ground batter into a large skillet. Check and adjust salt. Add in total 3 cups of water of the ground batter (including the water you added while grinding the batter). 

4. Heat the batter present in the skillet. Once it comes to a rolling boil, lower the heat to minimum and allow it to cook for atleast 15 minutes with constant stirring. (it has to be stirred continuously, to avoid sticking to the bottom)

5. As the batter cooks, the watery batter thickens up into a thick slurry. The colour of the rice batter changes as it cooks through. Watery batter in the beginning ensures that it cooks through.

6. Continue to cook the batter on a small flame until the rawness of the batter goes off. 

7. Once the batter is cooked through and is thick in consistency, remove it off heat. Add finely chopped onion to it and mix well. 

You can enjoy this batter hot with lots of coconut oil on top. We at home love eating it!

8. Let the batter cool down to room temperature. The batter thickens further as it cools down. Let this batter sit overnight. 

The cooked batter after it cools down looks like this: You can also enjoy this with lots of coconut oil on top.

Sun drying:

9. The sun drying process starts the next morning. Next morning spread a clean plastic sheet under the sun. Grease the plastic sheet with a mixture of water and oil on one side to help dried fritters come off the plastic sheet easily. 

10. Once the place is set up, give the batter a good mix and start spreading out spoonfuls of batter on the plastic sheet as shown below. Spread them out on the plastic sheet with some distance between them.

A close up view of the same.

11. Let the fritter batter dry under the hot sun for 6-7 consecutive days until the fritters are well dried and are crispy.

After 2-3 days, these fritters shrink in size & as they dry, they come off the plastic. Removed them off the plastic and dry them on a plate for 3-4 more days. 

Dried fritters look like this:

Your sun dried fritters(piyava vodi) are ready!!

12. Let sun dried fritters cool down to room temperature and then store them in an air tight container in a dry place.

13. When you wish to eat these fritters, deep fry them in hot oil (or microwave in a single layer for 1 minute) and serve them. 

These fritters puff up and become light on deep frying.

14. Fry them in rolling hot oil on both sides for uniform frying. For proper frying, ensure the oil is rolling hot. If the oil isn't heated up properly, these fritters don't puff up fully and remain little hard unlike the light, fully puffed up fritters.

15. You get to enjoy these fritters throughout the year and for years to come. These stay good for years when are stored right, in dry, air tight containers and when are sun dried properly for 6-7 days under the hot sun.

Deep fried fritters look like this:

Serving suggestions:

Eat them as is.

Or serve them along with rice and dalithoy (Konkani style dal) as a side dish.

Or serve them as a side dish with congee. (pyej in Konkani)

Or serve them as a side dish for any Konkani meal, lunch, dinner. They go well with sambar-rice, curd rice and with any curry.

People who can’t sun dry these fritters do try out this microwave option:

If you don't have open space to sun dry these fritters, you can dry them in an oven. Bake these fritters at 200 F until they're dried completely (for about 5-6 hrs). These fritters come out very crispy. 

P.S: You can also substitute onion with garlic in this recipe. If you want to use garlic then use 2 big bulbs of garlic for 2 cups of rice (for the measurements mentioned above). Garlic has to be peeled, crushed lightly and ground along with the rice while making the above batter.

Cheats recipe to make awesome, crispy fritters from left over rice:

If you have lots of left over rice and are bored of turning left over rice into some dish like chitranna, mosranna, fried rice etc., you can turn them into awesome, crispy fritters in no time, without much effort.

All you need to do is, grind leftover rice along with red chilli powder and salt into a smooth paste, using as little water as possible (just enough water to grind the rice and turn it into a paste). And make fritters using this ground batter just like mentioned above and sun dry them just like mentioned above. 

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